Tech women: interviewing Nuria, computer expert, maker and fighter

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Nuria is a woman who has worked in the Computing Service of the Carlos III University of Madrid for 28 years. Since 1990, It has been a while! She has been going through all the groups of this service until four years ago she landed in the IT Security group: @CertUC3M where she plans to retire. 😀
We do not know what she eats for breakfast, but she has an inner balance and strength that I have seen in few people I know personally. She is special, and very brave, so I wanted she to be known in this blog. We have a lot to learn from her.


Nuria, by the way, what does  a champion like you have for breakfast?

I have a bad breakfast. I have some juice to take my iron pill. As a sportswomen, I must have an additional contribution of this mineral and I have a single coffee without sugar too. I can not eat anything when I get up, then in a couple of hours I eat whatever.

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VR & video games against inequality and gender violence

The world of video games and virtual reality have focused exclusively on digital entertainment for decades but technological advances in these fields, such as the innovations brought by HTC Vive glasses in the face of the competition, have begun to produce results in other areas such as education and health.

New technologies have entered into educational centers with strength. There are more and more video games with didactic purposes for children to learn while having fun, and not only about the subjects, but also as a means to promote inclusion (e.g. Dogchild against animal abuse) and raise awareness among the youngest people. Likewise, virtual reality glasses are being used to treat some disorders or phobias, etc., since they can immerse us in a simulated virtual world to deal with a multitude of situations,  and even put ourselves in the situation fo another person to work on empathy, which is what we are going to talk about.

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