Tech women: interviewing Nuria, computer expert, maker and fighter

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Nuria is a woman who has worked in the Computing Service of the Carlos III University of Madrid for 28 years. Since 1990, It has been a while! She has been going through all the groups of this service until four years ago she landed in the IT Security group: @CertUC3M where she plans to retire. 😀
We do not know what she eats for breakfast, but she has an inner balance and strength that I have seen in few people I know personally. She is special, and very brave, so I wanted she to be known in this blog. We have a lot to learn from her.


Nuria, by the way, what does  a champion like you have for breakfast?

I have a bad breakfast. I have some juice to take my iron pill. As a sportswomen, I must have an additional contribution of this mineral and I have a single coffee without sugar too. I can not eat anything when I get up, then in a couple of hours I eat whatever.

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FutureFunded: crowfunding platform to help women

FutureFunded - logo - crowfunding

As you can see on the official website of this project, FutureFunded is a crowfunding platform created by women and for women. The initial idea of its two founders is to help women to be trained in technology. In this way they give power to a disadvantaged group even in certain areas such as technology, where there are still more male faces than female faces.

In order to help women in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), Cecilia Tham (CEO) and co-founder with Laura Fernåndez, will allow the financing of projects collectively through of its FutureFunded platform, that is, by the so fashionable  crowfunding.

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Ninni Kronberg conquers the powdered milk world

Yes, I know, another Swedish inventor, but hey, I’m Swedish and I want to toot our own horn sometimes. We are pretty bad at that but I generally have no trouble doing so, so why not. I know it’s not very jantelag1 of me but I don’t really care.

This week I want to introduce you to a woman whose patent laid the foundation for the company Semper AB. Maria Johanna (Ninni) Kronberg (1874- 1949) was a Swedish inventor and self-taught physiologist in nutrition born in GĂ€vle. Her education was mostly handled by guvernants and she never got a studentexamen (a university entrance examination that doesn’t exist today). At age 22 she married a wholesale merchant and 1919 the pair discovered a new way to make yeast that they patented. Ninni’s husband was also a partner in a local malt house and she was active in the business together with her husband. The business, and the marriage, failed and they separated 1922 (the divorce was finalized 1925). After the divorce Ninni moved to a friend whose husband was consul Wilhem Westrup on RydsgĂ„rds gods (RydsgĂ„rd manor) in SkĂ„ne, and it was there that her career really took off.

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Analysis and comparison: the best femtech products

femtech products

Femtech is a term that includes all those technologies in the form of apps or gadgets that can help to improve the lives of women, as much in the level of fitness as in their birth, fertility, sexual life, etc. Quite a great industry conceived by and for women, innovating every day thinking about them.

As we saw in our first article dedicated to femtech, there are many products and services available today. There are so many that it can be difficult to choose the best option or know how many of them there are. That is why we wanted to dedicate this comparative analysis to help you to have a wider vision of these systems.

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Top secret rosies II: the sisters Doris and Shirley

Top secret Rosies

We continue with the second part of the series Top Secret Rosies. This time it is dedicated to the twin sisters Doris Blumberg Polsky and Shirley Blumberg Melvin, considering that there are more than 80 mathematician women employed at the time to perform ballistic calculations for the army and programming of computers in the Philadelphia Computer Section. It was located at the Moore Electrical Engineering School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Certainly these women were quickly forgotten in spite of the fact that World War II was the best documented war to date. Considering the important role they played in winning it, these women only had to settle for the economic compensation they received. Their salary that was considered very high at the time, about $2000 per year (which may be ridiculous at the moment). Unquestionably they deserved more than this, a wider social recognition at least.

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Top secret rosies I: those forgotten programmers of ENIAC

Top secret Rosies

New entry in our blog:  the first one of the Top Secret Rosies series. This time it is dedicated to six women who were responsible for the programming of ENIAC and for changing the course of humanity with their job. Everything began in 1942, in the middle of World War II when women were underestimated. At the end, their alliance with computers would end up bearing fruit to make way for the era of modern computing.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, USA started recruiting women who knew mathematics. They ended up programming the second digital computer: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer). Remember that the first digital computer arose in Europe thanks to the works of Konrad Zuse and his series of Zx computers.

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Radium Girls: victims to whom we owe a lot …

Radium girls

The intoxication by radium of a group of women in 1917 in Orange, New Jersey, titled this story. This is the story of Radium Girls. Not many people know it and they should because we owe them a lot. That is the reason for publishing this new post with the story of these American girls who changed the world of work forever. They did not do it at a low price precisely.

This is a dramatic story that finally led to the current occupational risk prevention system after numerous struggles against the American justice and medical society of the time. With human sacrifices too. All of that started in the middle of World War I when thousands of employees went to work in the luminescent watches factories. Watches that the soldiers in the front needed to see the time even in the dark nights …

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Femtech: an economic gold mine or technology at the service of women?

femtech portfolio

Femtech has arrived with force and it seems that it is to stay. It is already attracting many investors and it seems that many startups are being built around this technological market niche. After the boom of the fintech (technological transformation for the finance sector) and the insurtech (technological transformation of the insurance sector), now it seems that the feminism and women’s phenomenon is selling and catching interest.

Femtech is a term coined to comprehend all those technologies, services, or gadgets which revolve around the world of health and the needs of women. As seen in the main image, they range from simple applications to control the period and fertility and other technologies to improve health or the period of pregnancy to sexual toys. A wide market that feeds a multitude of new companies satisfying the needs of millions of users. The ethical and moral dilemma of the boom of these technologies, which are being considered by some people, is whether they were created with women’s welfare in mind or simply to exploit in a sector of the market that was not previously satisfied. Anyway, if they offer a necessary service and help women to improve their lives minimally, I think the femtech is welcome.

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Jennifer Cloer will release a documentary series about women in technology

Jennifer Cloer

An interesting documentary series about women in technology will be released next month. The director of this series will be the veteran Jennifer Cloer. She is the former vice-president of communications of the Linux Foundation and current founder and principal consultant of reTHINKit PR. The docuseries is called Chasing Grace and  HenTech invite everyone to follow it because we can see interesting things about women who are a milestone in the technological world.

Chasing Grace from Jennifer Cloer will be produced by Wicked Films. Jennifer Cloer is co-founder of Wicked Films and  she has already some sponsors like Intel to support the project. The strengthening of this type of initiative is important, since thanks to this documentary effort, it will introduce us to a succession of stories about women’s efforts to achieve equality within a world that still seems to be dominated by men, and that is the one of the technology. The first installment of this series (consisting of 6 episodes in total) will focus on a documentary called Eighty Twenty, exploring the financial and emotional impact for life that may have the wage gap between women and men in technology careers. The protagonists will be the women whose resilience has led them to finally achieve deserved success.

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