Top secret rosies I: those forgotten programmers of ENIAC

Top secret Rosies

New entry in our blog:  the first one of the Top Secret Rosies series. This time it is dedicated to six women who were responsible for the programming of ENIAC and for changing the course of humanity with their job. Everything began in 1942, in the middle of World War II when women were underestimated. At the end, their alliance with computers would end up bearing fruit to make way for the era of modern computing.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, USA started recruiting women who knew mathematics. They ended up programming the second digital computer: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer). Remember that the first digital computer arose in Europe thanks to the works of Konrad Zuse and his series of Zx computers.

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Download Squid and follow us with this fantastic news app

Squid app logo

Hentech is a blog that brings together feminism and technology, and what better to read the news from this fantastic app born in the cradle of feminism: Sweden. We are talking about Squid, an application for mobile devices with which you can immerse yourself in an ocean of fresh news to be always up to date with everything that happens in the world.

Squid is a project that was born in Stockholm, with the idea of becoming one of the best news apps we can find for our mobile devices, both for iOS and Android. You can easily install it from the Apple Store and Google Play stores to use it wherever you are.

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