Squid: the Swedish news app has been launched in Sweden too

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We are very excited to comment on this news, and that is that Squidapp is already available in its origin country: Sweden. Many countries (12 countries, in their respective languages) already enjoyed this app, but paradoxically not in the language and place from where it was developed. Now also the Swedes can do it, so we are pleased that now there is one more country and one more language to increase the success of this app.

And if you still do not know this app, you should know that it is available in English too for a long time and is fully translated into your language. With its simple graphical interface you can keep all the most important news published on the network organized into categories that you can customize and group into tabs. Continue reading “Squid: the Swedish news app has been launched in Sweden too”

Squidapp exceeds 1.000.000 downloads

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Form Stockholm, where the project was born, today we received a very rewarding press release. Our favourite news app, the Squid app, has reached a milestone by exceeds 1.000.000 downloads. From our blog, we want to congratulate all the working group that is behing this application and encourage all users who don’t yet know: Come on! Download Squidapp now!

There are alternatives, but Squidapp isn’t a news application common, but it is the first Millennials-oriented application. You don’t have to do anything, let this app go through the web sources and make a compilation with the best news. Also, you can sort the news of your favourite categories in separate tabs with its elegant and simple graphical interface. Continue reading “Squidapp exceeds 1.000.000 downloads”

Download Squid and follow us with this fantastic news app

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Hentech is a blog that brings together feminism and technology, and what better to read the news from this fantastic app born in the cradle of feminism: Sweden. We are talking about Squid, an application for mobile devices with which you can immerse yourself in an ocean of fresh news to be always up to date with everything that happens in the world.

Squid is a project that was born in Stockholm, with the idea of becoming one of the best news apps we can find for our mobile devices, both for iOS and Android. You can easily install it from the Apple Store and Google Play stores to use it wherever you are.

Continue reading “Download Squid and follow us with this fantastic news app”