Squidapp exceeds 1.000.000 downloads

million downloads squidapp logo (special)

Form Stockholm, where the project was born, today we received a very rewarding press release. Our favourite news app, the Squid app, has reached a milestone by exceeds 1.000.000 downloads. From our blog, we want to congratulate all the working group that is behing this application and encourage all users who don’t yet know: Come on! Download Squidapp now!

There are alternatives, but Squidapp isn’t a news application common, but it is the first Millennials-oriented application. You don’t have to do anything, let this app go through the web sources and make a compilation with the best news. Also, you can sort the news of your favourite categories in separate tabs with its elegant and simple graphical interface.

Among all the users of the most important countries in Europe (with 10 languages), it already has more than one million downloads. This is quite an achievement if you have an account that was launched in 2016, so it is a fairly young project. And to celebrate the new milestone, there is a major update available with new essential features.

The news features that can be appreciated in the new version, highlight the blocker of information sources that you don’t want, the categories customizer system, etc., in addition to the existing ones in previous versions and that have been captivated the users. So thanks to startup Njuice AB and congratulations!

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