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This is part one in a small series on mental health apps that I have planned, with this one focusing on mood trackers. I feel like this is a very important subject to bring up since more people than ever before say they have problems with their mental health. A lot of it is blamed on social media and our constant need to stay connected, so maybe it’s luck(?) that there are so many good mental health apps out there. I use one myself; and in trying times I have used more than one at the same time. There are many apps out there for many different needs. I hope I have created a decent and varied list of alternatives in this area, just know that there are many more out there. If one of these does not fit your taste or demands, there most likely is one that does. Don’t be afraid to look. Your mental health is very important!


Price: Free

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: Daylio

A journal, mood tracker and diary. Every day it reminds you to check in with your day, you can pick your mood and any activities you have done. It is also possible to add notes and keep a diary. Daylio will help you understand your habits and by keeping track of your activities you can possibly become more creative. With the app you can follow your monthly, as well as yearly, statistics and, if you want, share it with your friends. You can create your own icons with their database. You can turn on a pin lock and safely backup your data to google drive. This is an app I use personally and I’m quite fond of it. It’s very simple and it really helps that it reminds you to check in once a day.

Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety

Price: Free to use and download, for full access there are monthly and yearly subscriptions fees

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: Pacifica Labs Inc.

A well tested app that has been gotten number 1 on BuzzFeed’s Amazing Apps For Anyone Living With Anxiety and number 1 on Forbes’ 4 Technologies Innovating in Mental Health. Pacifica uses CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques to help you with anxiety and it has several relaxing audios and meditation tools. It has a mood tracker where you can rate your mood and feelings during the day, so you could possible notice patterns and see your improvements. By keeping track of habits that may affect your mental health you can set and follow daily goals for your health. It allows you to journal and record your thoughts. Pacifica also has communities and groups where you can share thoughts and stories with others.

eMoods – Bipolar Mood Tracker

Price: Free

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: eMoods

A Mood charting journal designed for logging Bipolar I, Bipolar II, or other mood disorders, but can, of course, be used by anyone wanting to get control of their moods. With this app you can keep a diary, check statistics and manage symptoms related to your disorder. Chart your daily highs and lows, any elevated moods and how many hours of sleep you got. eMood also helps you notice your triggers and allows you to send a monthly PDF report to your doctor!


Price: 20 SEK

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: Inexika Inc.

A mood charting tool that can track many things as well as your moods such as: your medications, stress levels and hours of sleep. It has an interesting hashtag system where you can keep track of associations between moods through adding hashtags to your records.  You can have as many automatic reminders as you need per day, as well as have the app including random ones. You can have the app protected with a pass-code and also share moods with friends on social networks. The app has an interesting feature where it can visualize moods on a map if geolocation is enabled. iMoodJournal makes it easy to discover the causes of your ups and downs and help you get insights into yourself.


Price: Free

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia

An app designed to help teens and young adults who struggle with anxiety. It includes strategies to deal with everyday anxiety as well as tools to tackle panic, worry, conflict, performance anxiety etc. MindShift can help you learn to relax and develop more helpful ways of thinking. It’s created by the Canadian AnxietyBC, a non-profit organization, with the support from the BC Children’s Hospital, an agency of the Privincial Health Services Authority and RBC Children’s Mental Health Project.

Dare – Break Free From Anxiety

Price: Free

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: BMD Publishing

An app focused on training you to trigger a fast recovery from anxiety, panic attacks etc through their audio based program. They address several situations that can trigger anxiety such as flying, public speaking, going to the doctors and so on. Their hope is to teach you to strip away the fear and quickly feel like you are in control again, back to your confident self. The app has a cute design and hours of free audios. It has relatively few downloads but has high ratings and can be worth testing out.

Moodpath App – Depression, Burnout & Anxiety test

Price: Free

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: Moodpath

A two-week depression screening tool that tracks your mental health. You can use it as a mood journal and it can help you understand the psychology behind your moods. During the time using the app you can find helpful information on mental health, detection of depression and psychotherapy. It generates a personalized mental health assessment at the end of the program and you receive a detailed summary that you can, if you wish, use to discuss with a therapist or doctor.



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