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Unfortunately, the world isn’t a safe place all the time, for women especially. I’m not sure if I know any woman who has not, at one point in her life, been scared walking alone. I have been talking to friends walking home alone several times in my life, and I have called a friend while walking home myself. It gives a sense of security. If something happens someone will know, or maybe nothing will happen if you become a more difficult target.

There has been a minor explosion of safety apps in the recent years, and there definitely is a market for them. I have been looking around and hope I have constructed a decent list of possible options. It’s unsure if all of them will be available in your country, so it can be important to check that before you decide.


Zeifie logo

Price: Free

Operating system: Android

Developer: ReFreeze

Swedish app created by Michaela Holtz that was funded on FundedByMe. Zeifie has a goal to build a safer community by use of peer safety. If you’re in a threatening situation it allows you to send an alert to your friends and family, as well as a selected number of people nearby. If the people close by respond to the alarm, they will then be able to see your position, your first name, photo and any medical information that you may have included in the app. It can be activated directly in the app, or you can press a button three times while the phone is tucked away so nobody sees. The button can be connected to your phone by Bluetooth.


bSafe screenshots

Price: Free

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: Mobile Software AS

A well tested app, with more than 1 million downloads, that has many positive reviews. bSafe has an alarm option where you automatically send information about who you are, where you are and what’s happening; with time stamps. You can set up security networks of friends and family (called guardians), and you can invite as many as you want.

When you activate the alarm, a video is recorded and automatically send to your guardian’s mobile. All information is stored by bSafe on their servers, which makes it easy to recover if something happens to your phone. With the GPS tracking you can ask your guardians to follow you home, and they can see you via the map on your phone. When home safe your guardians will be notified.

It is possible to get your phone to make a fake phone call to yourself so you can, hopefully, get out of an uncomfortable or threatening situation. You can also use a Timer Alarm to program an automatic alarm that go off for your guardians in case you have not checked in within a certain time.

Shake2Safety – personal safety

App shake2safety

Price: Free

Operating system: Android

Developer: photonapps

Shake2Safety has a very simple premise, shake your phone or device to send a message or make a phone call asking for help to your selected contacts. You select these contacts from your contacts directly after downloading the app.

It’s an SOS app that lets you send text messages to emergency contacts, share a picture with location and record audio in emergency situations. All this happens by just shaking the phone or pressing power button 4 times. When the app is active, if you shake your device you will receive a vibration and a three second countdown before it sends a message to your contact asking for help. The app also has a function using GPS on your phone, so when it’s active Shake2Safety send your last known location with the message as well. You can adjust the sensitivity of the shakes and the app also has a siren button.



Price: Free 7-day trial, but has a monthly fee

Operating system: Android & iOS

Developer: SafeTrek, Inc

If you’re feeling unsafe you can with this app simply press a button and hold it until you believe you’re out of danger. If you remove your finger you alert local law-enforcement with your location. If you accidentally remove your finger you need to enter a four-digit code to cancel the notification.

Women Safety

Women Safety app

Price: Free

Operating system: Android

Developer: Awesome Apps Inc

A fast an easy way to update your friends and family about your location, and other details. With the tap of a button the app sends a message to a preconfigured number along with your location and a link in google maps. When activated it captures two pictures, one with the front camera and one with the back, and takes a video or audio clip and uploads it to their server. A link to the files is emailed to a preconfigured email. The app has three colored buttons with different purposes. When you open the app, you can just tap on the color representing how serious the situation is. The green button updates your status, the orange one is if you want to be cautions, and in response to danger, press the red panic alert button.



Price: Free

Operating system: Android

Developer: JJ Creations

Like many of the others, this app can automatically alert a family member when in danger. Using it you go through the app and configure it. When you choose a destination, the app show ideal routes to go and you can review the paths if needed. When the app is active it keeps track of you and show your location to your friends and family, and alert them when you diverge from your path, or stay too long in the same location. redEye allows you to trigger SOS with your current location if you press the power button multiple times; that function also works for calling a loved one. The app also hinders people from switching of your phone.


Seecure screenshots

Price: Free

Operating system: Android

Developer: Allone AB

An app that allows you to share your position as well as communicate with friends in family, and in case of an emergency or danger, you can activate an alarm that goes out to all your contacts.

You can create groups and see where your friends are on the map in the app. It is easy to chat and ask a friend to take you home. You can activate an Alarm in an emergency and Seecure will then notify all users in your immediate area, your emergency contacts, as well as all members of your active groups, that you need help.

It is relatively untested with few downloads, but it can be worth checking out.


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