FutureFunded: crowfunding platform to help women

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As you can see on the official website of this project, FutureFunded is a crowfunding platform created by women and for women. The initial idea of its two founders is to help women to be trained in technology. In this way they give power to a disadvantaged group even in certain areas such as technology, where there are still more male faces than female faces.

In order to help women in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), Cecilia Tham (CEO) and co-founder with Laura Fernández, will allow the financing of projects collectively through of its FutureFunded platform, that is, by the so fashionable  crowfunding.

Thus, candidates can be trained in STEM disciplines and they can offer services in return, knowledge or products to people who decide to support the project by providing financing to women. Agreements have even been made with programming schools such as Ubiqum Code Academy, Ironhack, Le Wagon, and Codeworks, so that those interested can be trained. And there are already interested companies to insert these women into the labor market, such as Antiloop, MayoFilms, Ship2b, Inquve and I hope that soon there will be many more …

I would like to make a final note, certainly FutureFunded does not put limits on who can benefit from it, as its creators have commented, it is “A diverse ecosystem of support and empowerment for all people, regardless of gender, social status or economy.” But the main objective is to favor the entry of women into the world of work in the technology sector. “The funding of our users is not the ultimate goal of the project, but a means, however it often acts as a barrier and prevents them from achieving their goals and this is something we are innovating.“.

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