Analysis and comparison: the best femtech products

femtech products

Femtech is a term that includes all those technologies in the form of apps or gadgets that can help to improve the lives of women, as much in the level of fitness as in their birth, fertility, sexual life, etc. Quite a great industry conceived by and for women, innovating every day thinking about them.

As we saw in our first article dedicated to femtech, there are many products and services available today. There are so many that it can be difficult to choose the best option or know how many of them there are. That is why we wanted to dedicate this comparative analysis to help you to have a wider vision of these systems.

Investing in these types of products can improve your life or it can be a good option to give as a gift to a friend, a couple, … or simply make a self gift. We will not go into projects such as wearables in the form of wristbands or rings type MEMI, Ringly, etc.


Period - Woman Health

There are a number of technological tools to help women to control the menstrual cycle, detect possible imbalances and deviations in a preventive way, but above all to help you in those days:


Clue is an app to carry a complete menstrual and ovulation calendar. It is available in several languages ​​and it represents one of the best alternatives, as it follows a safe and scientific system. It can help you to discover unique patterns in the cycle and remind you of your fertile window.


Maya is an integral app that could be included in several categories, because in addition to having an advanced calendar for menstruation, it can also help you to find the best time to get pregnant with its functionalities on fertility and ovulation.

Natural cycles:

In the case of the Natural Cycles app, in addition to keeping track of the period you will also find help as a contraceptive or to the contrary. It helps to determine the fertile days and the least suitable to get pregnant. It is probably the best “contraceptive” app you can find, but that does not mean that it is 100% reliable and it can not be used as a substitute for condoms to avoid an STD. This is important!


Thinx is not high technology in terms of its final product, but they apply technology to offer a better product. Thinx is a brand of underwear for women, especially designed for the days of menstruation. This underwear can be more comfortable and specific.


Intimate health women
Take care of your intimate health. If you intervene on time, many diseases or problems remain in simple anecdotes. That is why it is important to know how to detect them and know them. Until now it could be something more complex or difficult, but now there is no excuse with technology at our service.


Bwom is more than a simple app. It is a coach for your intimate health. You can discover new content every day with it, among which there are new videos and exercises, as well as articles with curiosities. As a virtual coach, it will take you to achieve your goals and adapt the routine so that they become healthy ones. Through a tracking system you can track your results. Do you want more?


Elvie Elvie Kegel Exerciser is an advanced pelvic floor exerciser. Investing in this instructor that is revolutionizing the world is investing in your health. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy and toned pelvic floor with the most advanced and smallest of all the exercisers that exist. It can be placed easily and together with its free app offers good feedback while doing the guided exercises.


Predictor - Fertility

Improving and even restoring fertility by changing certain habits of life. Examples of this may be what we offer you in this section:

Clear Blue:

Clearblue is probably the most effective and advanced predictor of all existing ones. So if you expect to get pregnant and want to leave doubts, with Clear Blue you can not only certify or rule out your pregnancy, but also help you to conceive. It has an easy-to-interpret digital screen that will give you the necessary information and it can detect pregnancies at a very early stage.

Basal digital thermometer:

Clinical BasalBasal digital thermometer is a cheap and effective basal digital thermometer to measure the temperature of your body and help you to choose your most fertile days, if you are looking for a future baby …


Woom is a Spanish app with which to optimize and expand your chances of getting pregnant. More than 30,000 women have already tried it and it has worked for them. With this app you can follow a detailed calendar of your most fertile days, join a virtual community of future moms and get multitude of personalized advice. All its technology is based on what is known as wellness, that is, the mental, physical and emotional balance that can have a very negative impact on women’s fertility.


Glow is an app to follow the period and doing the follow-up of ovulation with a calendar of fertility. Unlike the calendars for menstruation in the first section, Glow focuses on fertility. In addition, it will help you to improve your health by following the state of mind, symptoms, sex, and medication (even if you are already following fertility treatments or in vitro fertilization), helping to lead better habits.


Pregnancy - femtech

My pregnancy and my baby:

BabyCenter has given us this app to have all the necessary information for parents around the world. It is a community with more than 400 million couples looking for the same. In it you can watch videos, access a support community, real-time advice and useful tools.

Pregnancy calendar:

Mobile Dimension has created the pregnancy calendar app to follow the pregnancy week by week, with important information that will be very interesting. And you can complement it with Woom, which not only is useful for fertility, but also for the community of moms as we said …

Baby Monitor camera:

Baby Monitor is the best surveillance camera for your baby that you can find. It has a wireless system so you can take it wherever you want, with the possibility of seeing and also listening to your baby anywhere in your home. GHB has equipped the system with a high quality LCD screen and with 3.2″ so you do not miss out on detail, even in the dark thanks to its night vision system.

Philips Avant UGrow:

When we talk about the Philips AVENT uGrow surveillance system we talk about big words. It is an intelligent system that can see up to 300 meters to your baby and listen to it. The system supports up to 10 cameras and the baby can be monitored by 3 people at a time. It also incorporates sensors to detect humidity and temperature at every moment. Alert in the case of disconnection, automatic connection, and it is compatible with smartphones and tablets iOS and Android connected by WiFi or data.



Do not forget about health in general. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly can prevent many diseases and having a longer and more pleasant life. There are many technologies that can help us to control it more strictly and appropriately:

FitBit Charge 2:

Fitbit Charge 2 is a pretty simple bracelet or wearable if you are a beginner. You can monitor your sleep cycles, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, follow weight goals, etc.

FitBit Blaze:

Fitbit Blaze may be another of the best alternatives you can get in the market to monitor your vital signs and physical activity. Elegant and unisex design to monitor the steps, distance traveled, calories burned, plants up, minutes of activity, heart rate with your PurePulse bracelet, options to check your pace and adjust the intensity of the exercise, and ability to adapt to multisport (walking, cardiovascular exercise, cycling, mixed, etc.). You can monitor and take a rigorous control of everything together with the app for your smartphone or tablet.


There are a series of original and successful elements that are achieving a crushing victory. Its success has become very high despite its simplicity. Fidget has entered strongly and it can be a good complement to our lives, both women and men and children. And is that we live in a society full of stress that has a serious impact on our health, but with this cheap and simple device we can get rid of it wherever we are. The effect is surprisingly effective, do not wait and choose your favorite design:

Fidget Original Cube:  cube with buttons, joystick and elements that we can touch with our fingers to relax. This is the original version, buttons in black and green colors.

Fidget Black-Red:  if you prefer a different tone to the original, you can buy the red and black version here.

Fidget Cube Black-Green:  we continue with the same product, this time in black and green buttons of different tonality to the original.

Fidget Wood:  it is a version equal to the previous ones, only with a special  wood design. As for the rest of the characteristics, it is identical.

Fidget Dodecagon:  a new generation when if the previous ones are not enough, you also have an even more modern version with 12 sides with new elements.



It is not secondary, it is an important part of our life. Enjoying a pleasant sexual life can help to maintain a better body-mind balance and having a great time alone or in company:


Lelo is an exclusive brand of sex toys and other accessories especially designed for women or life as a couple. Lelo is not just another toy, it’s a company based in Stockholm that is dedicated to creating high-quality and luxurious products to fully enjoy its high technology in privacy. To put it in some way, they are the Rolls Royce of sex toys …

Lelo Liv:

LELO Liv  exclusive design for a vibrator whose sole purpose is your pleasure. It is a very successful clitoral massages.

Lelo GIGI 2:

LELO GIGI 2 is a simple but effective vibrator with a high intensity for your most intimate games.


OHMIBOD is a dildo that connects to the iPod through the headphone port, vibrating to the rhythm of the music you are listening to at that moment. But the firm that manufactured them has gone a step further and now you can also manage them with your mobile phone from an app via bluetooth. And OhMyBod isn’t the only one


Esthesia is a soft silicone vibrator with double head to stimulate vagina and clitoris at the same time. It has a free app for Android and iOS with which you can create vibration patterns for your massages, or increase and decrease the intensity. It also incorporates the option to convert the music (or audiobooks) that you are listening to in vibrations like Ohmybod …


Lush is a discrete vibrator that can be operated remotely through an app for iOS or Android via Bluetooth (from 3 to 10 meters). You can be yourself or your partner, you could even do it from anywhere on the planet thanks to its functionality through the Internet.


The best complement for dildos and vibrators is a good lube:

Durex Play:

Durex invests a lot of money in creating new technologies and products for the sexual life. An example of this is its range of Durex Play Lube. They have different, but if you want to try several. Once you know which one you like the most you can buy the one you like the most. It is complicated to analyze this, since it is a matter of taste.


And if you are one of the people who do not like lubricants too sticky or leave you traces, then you can choose one of Shibari Premium aqueous base that will even serve to give relaxing massages without leaving an unpleasant feeling.

Do not forget to leave your comments, suggestions or doubts. We will be happy to answer you …

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