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Hentech is a blog that brings together feminism and technology, and what better to read the news from this fantastic app born in the cradle of feminism: Sweden. We are talking about Squid, an application for mobile devices with which you can immerse yourself in an ocean of fresh news to be always up to date with everything that happens in the world.

Squid is a project that was born in Stockholm, with the idea of becoming one of the best news apps we can find for our mobile devices, both for iOS and Android. You can easily install it from the Apple Store and Google Play stores to use it wherever you are.


Squid app interface

Once installed you can see that it has a simple and clean graphic interface, with a configuration that will allow you to select only those categories of news that interest you, filtering by content and dividing them by tabs so as not to mix them. An ordered content to read your blogs and digital media from a single app.

In addition the app is available for several countries and in several languages, with a system of alerts, comments system, and button to share the news quickly between your social media. And something very practical, a system of blocked sources to add a filter even more scrupulous than the categories, eliminating those sources that do not interest you …

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